Mental Ability For NTSE (For class X)

Mental Ability For NTSE (For class X)
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About BOOKS:In today s competitive world, it is advisable to start preparing for future competitive examination as early as possible. At Career Point, we have observed that for stress free successful preparation, one should start building strong foundation of concepts at early stage itself.

Irrespective of field of study that the student may choose to take up later, it is imperative that student should develop sound understanding of Mathematics and Science, since it forms the basis for almost all competitive examinations.

Considering this requirement, these books are designed to provide students with comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts, to teach the application of concepts in gradual manner and to hone their problem solving skills. These books ensure that students are prepared beyond usual regular school curriculum and get the fundamental learning of Mathematics as per future competitive examination.

This book consist of the following Features-

  • Chapter wise Theory & Key Concepts
  • Solved examples to explain application of fundamentals
  • Exercise Sheets Level (1,2,3)